It is difficult to catch someone in a lie as it happens. Usually we realize it after the damage is done. Until then, it remains veiled. But here is the deal. When you suspect that you are dealing with a narcissist, overt or covert, you can be sure that he…

I don’t usually share my creative scribblings publicly, but I’ve been so engulfed in the news unfolding across the Atlantic, that I decided to add my tiny voice to the cacophonic, murky conversation.

I do it partly to assuage my guilty conscience for having fallen for the slew of conspiracy…

Going through dark night of the soul doesn’t need to be scary and disorienting. Knowing the steps of the process helps illuminate the path.

We’re born fresh, open and innocent.

As we grow and learn, our view of reality rapidly evolves. Trying to make sense of the world, we imitate others and take on the perceptions of those who surround us. We experience encouragement and care but also separation and pain. …

Soul GPS

Self-development tools for self-healing and authentic relating. #coach #writer

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