12 Things Narcissists Say to Cast a Spell on You

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If you have been in a relationship with a narcissist, at some point you are bound to realize that their words and actions don’t match.

In the early stages of the relationship, when they are full of fire and verve, they’ll say things to you, things they’ve tested during their previous romantic conquests, to make you feel like you are in the center of their world. And that you are. For a time. Until they get lazy and bored, you see through their facade or they find a new target to seduce.

Narcissists can be quite crafty with words, which they work like spells. If you are not careful, they can put you in a trance.

In the initial stage known as idealization, their words are still fueled by the fanatical desire to possess you, or something you have, and their actions are somewhat in alignment. The combination of words, vibes and actions focused in the same direction makes them come across as convincing and even genuine.

But once the honeymoon stage fades and they lose interest, it will be harder for them to keep the illusion intact. The same words that once reverberated with the din of a thousand bells, will fall flat and sound more like the droning of a broken record.

I know you want to believe that they mean what they say. But do pay extra attention to that shifting tone and frequency of engagement. It can reveal their true intentions.

Things They Say

They may be convinced that they are one of a kind, but narcissists are shameless plagiarizers. Lacking their own creativity, they’ll pick words from songs and movies, and even enact whole scenes using fairytales as their blueprint for action.

They do this to make you fall for them quickly and make you believe that they are the answer to your prayers. It’s an all-out mind screw.

So what are some of the things they say? Here are a dozen examples of the things I’ve heard.

  1. I’ve been waiting for you all my life... Where have you been? A total Rhianna rip-off. They will say such things in a husky tone when the temperature runs high. It’s easy to fall for the empty words while in an elevated state. Of course, the line is a lie. Narcissists never wait for anyone. They take what’s before them.

The Ever After

As time progresses, they may still drop the lines, but do so more rarely, lazily and without much conviction. It’s a hint that their attention is already drifting elsewhere. At that point, as the undercurrent of their narrative shifts, your sight may clear. You will see that their sweet words are really covert threats, or bitter criticisms wrapped in gold.

As the climax nears, all subtleties fly out the window. You always do this and never that is a common adverb choice accompanying slurs and accusations they hurl your way like cannons.

At this point, you are best to take your leave, shut the door and let them brew in the cauldron of their own pathetic prose.

What are some of the things you’ve heard coming from a narcissist’s mouth? Please share and help us break the narc spell!

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