A little poem of victory

I don’t usually share my creative scribblings publicly, but I’ve been so engulfed in the news unfolding across the Atlantic, that I decided to add my tiny voice to the cacophonic, murky conversation.

I do it partly to assuage my guilty conscience for having fallen for the slew of conspiracy theories that have erupted in our cyber pseudo-reality in 2016 (and before), effectively turning what was left of the real into the surreal.

For the record — I did not vote.

For those of you who may say that I’m straying from the predominant theme of my blog I firmly say — I do not. What we are witnessing live is the violent decomposition of a clinical narcissist. So this is very much on topic ;-)

So with this clink, I drop my penny into the donation box and offer a vision of events, which I wholeheartedly hope will come to fruition.

Here for you is a poem I recently wrote for a university assignment.
PROMPT: write a sequence of events in any form, backwards.

He falls, barely standing
The world exhales
Those in favor cheer
After the verdict’s cast.

He’s been indicted
Despite the resistance
Evidence trumped

As orange vitriol spreads
across the floor
The smirk vibrates
The corners of his lips

Contemptuous, derisive
It’s taken deep hold
Past a point of no return —
No change possible.

Bribery, betrayal
High crimes
And misdemeanors

Quid pro quo
And so much more.

To him and his associates
These loaded words
Are empty
Fake news, they say
Deep state —

Lies as truth
World upside down
Touch her, grab her
She’s yours
For the taking.

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