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Can Our Thoughts Affect Our Biology?

For this week’s post, I was inspired to venture deeper into the realm of our physical world. So deep, in fact, that we will be touching upon the field that houses our very own consciousness, and even tie that with the popular concept of the law of attraction.

The information I present here is an amalgamation of many sources of some of the most empowering cutting-edge scientific knowledge I’ve had the privilege to study. It is my hope that I managed to distill its complexity into something that’s relatively easy to follow and, most importantly, apply.

In Search of Consciousness

According to our current scientific paradigm, consciousness is the result of biochemical activity of 100 trillion synapses in the brain. Despite the tenacity of this view, we are yet to find exactly where consciousness resides in the brain. But regardless of their inability to find it, mainstream insists that consciousness arises from matter.

But what if mainstream science is both wrong and right? What if it is looking at merely half of the picture? What if matter arises from consciousness and consciousness from matter? Could both be true?

William Brown, a geneticist at the Resonance Project Foundation postulates that our consciousness and the body’s DNA are more related than we realize. In essence, our experience is contingent upon a feedback loop between two realities, the inner and the outer, both of which are modulated by the DNA molecule. The exchange of information between the two domains is what gives rise to consciousness.

On a deeper level all cells, including brain cells, are made up of tiny, nano-molecular structures called microtubules. Brown thinks that it’s these structures that connect every cell to every other cell that are responsible for animating our individual consciousness, in essence, making the entire body one interconnected brain.

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These structures are called the microtubules and they are what makes up the cytoskeleton, the skeleton of a cell.

While our genes play a crucial role in determining how a body will develop, it’s only half of the picture.

Morphic Fields & the Organization of Energy

Bruce Lipton, the pioneer of the science of epigenetics, discovered that genes alone do not determine the fate of cells — their environment does. He figured that out when he divided identical stem cells into three separate dishes and fed each a different culture. As a result, each grew a different set of cells, in this case bone, muscle and fat.

What that means is that while each cell has the genetic material to manufacture proteins, it’s the environment that dictates what will be produced. This finding works in tandem with Rupert Sheldrake’s idea of morphic fields.

“Energy is promiscuous,” says Sheldrake, adding that it has no particular structure. It is the morphic field that gives energy, which would otherwise be formless, a shape.

We may not be able to perceive these fields with our limited senses directly, but that does not negate their existence. For example, with our eyes we can only see a very small spectrum of light — the visible light. By now we very well know that it’s not the only kind of energy frequency there is. If that were the case, we would not have radio, cell phones or microwave ovens.

One way to perceive these invisible fields is by observing how iron flakes organize around a magnet, or by watching the needle move inside a compass.

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According to Sheldrake, morphic fields exist around every living thing and are required for their growth. The way I like to think of it is that while the genes produce the protein that construct an organism, the morphic fields determine where the proteins will go, assigning a specific structure.

Think of a seed of an oak. The full expression of that seed cannot be found in its DNA. DNA contains instructions only. It helps take raw material that will make that tree and shuffle it around in order to make the body of an oak using soil, water and sunlight. According to Sheldrake, it’s the field around the seedling that will dictate how it unfolds.

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Thoughts Change the Expression of Our DNA

In our daily realities, we have a tendency to fill up our brain will all sorts of information. Information is everywhere and a lot of it is junk, not very useful to us. It might behoove us to take a close look at what happens in our minds by becoming more mindful. Five minutes of active observation while breathing is all it takes to forge a powerful practice and access the witness state. For more on this, check out my short post on Mind Pruning.

Lipton goes on to say that our very own thoughts influence how we develop and what happens with our bodies.

“The blood’s chemistry is largely impacted by the chemicals emitted from your brain. Brain chemistry adjusts the composition of the blood based upon your perceptions of life. So this means that your perception of any given thing, at any given moment, can influence the brain chemistry, which, in turn, affects the environment where your cells reside and controls their fate. In other words, your thoughts and perceptions have a direct and overwhelmingly significant effect on cells.”

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To understand how this works on a nano-level, we need to go back to the cytoskeleton. Brown maintains that it’s these tiny structures are directly involved in information processing between the inner experience and outer physical reality. They are the network that connects the entire organism with each of its parts.

“Physical consciousness goes all the way down to physical DNA. It is responsible for our waking consciousness and physical behavior,” says Brown.

This is why and how our thoughts have such an impact on how the DNA will express itself.

But where do our thoughts reside? While the mainstream keeps looking for them in the brain tissue, the three scientists cited above maintain that our minds encompass our entire body and extend well beyond it.

They postulate, as those who meditate know this to be obvious, that our minds are as vast as the Universe itself. Which is why it’s possible for us to think of virtually anything that exists and even what does not yet exist. Thus, our invisible minds and what arises in the visible Universe are intimately connected.

DNA: Transmitter & Receiver of Information

Our DNA functions like an antenna. The experiences and thoughts we have in each moment are transmitted from within through our DNA and projected into the morphic field. Because this field doesn’t have clear boundaries, it connects with all other fields, giving us access to unlimited information.

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Brown maintains that what enables this information exchange is the degree of resonance between the DNA and the surrounding field. As we draw information from the field, we pull it in through our DNA, which translates the morphic field energy into our body consciousness using light.

“Living cells use transmission of light and sound in order to pull information from the field and send information about itself back to the field, in effect informing the entire universe of its moment-to-moment state,” he says. “This light exchange is involved in the communication system of any organism.”

Every living cell has a frequency fingerprint that determines its optimal state. If that frequency is dissonant, it will eventually manifest as a disease. Conversely, if we can determine what the proper harmonious frequency is, we can introduce it so that it can affect that molecule and restore its optimal functionality. It’s much like tuning a string of a guitar to bring it to proper tune.

“It’s a light and sound orchestra inside our cell, transmitting and receiving information,” says Brown. “Everything communicates. It’s one coherent system!”

While science is still catching up, spiritual practitioners seem to know this already. Light and sound therapies used to be in frequent use. Think of Tibetan chanting, shamanic dancing or restoration of balance using a didgeridoo. Even today, listening to music that ‘speaks’ to us, dancing at a concert and drumming directly affects how we feel. This kind of therapy, by the way, has no side effects.

Mind Control

But this kind of knowledge can be also used for mind controlling purposes. If frequency in an information field can affect what information gets pulled within the DNA, when that frequency is manipulated, it can affect an organism in all sorts of ways.

There is a kind of fungi that is used to hijack a host organism. To see how that’s possible, you can check out this video. This can also be done with certain family of viruses.

What these organisms do is once they are inside an organism (via injection or inhalation) they remodel parts of our DNA making our cells receptive to pulling a particular kind of information from the field. First a host is inoculated with a chemical that alters its DNA, followed by a dose of radiation (light) to mobilize, or activate that DNA molecule to make it behave in a new way.

One example of how a virus can take over a mind and produce a set of complex and involuntary behaviors is the rabies virus. Once it infects, its DNA will begin code for a specific protein inside your cells. A form of secretion of the neurotransmitter it produces can then hijack our behavioral patterns by determining what kind of information we pull from the field.

DNA and Higher States of Awareness

Our DNA and the morphic fields are intricately connected. We swim in an infinite ocean of information. Which parts of this information we use depends on how our DNA is modeled. Some of this can be conscious but a lot of it isn’t.

Brown says that you can increase the efficiency of your DNA by increasing our awareness of the number of things present in our environment. Another crucial aspect of influencing how your DNA expresses itself is by becoming aware of the thought patterns inside your mind.

“You’d want to do that because there is a large amount of information in the field that we are receiving but are not aware of,” he says. Some of that information is likely not even ours, but it influences the way we perceive and act in the world.

Practices such as walks in nature, yoga and meditation slow down our thinking and make us more aware of what goes on inside our minds. And if indeed our thoughts influence how our DNA expresses itself, then it seems like a smart practice to take on.

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Deep states of awareness, where awareness itself becomes the object of observation, can give rise to what Brown terms quantum state of coherence, a state in which the body and mind experience a state of oneness. “It occurs all the time but at a very fast speed, that of a trillionth of a second,” he says. “It’s very fleeting.” One way to sustain it is by sheltering the system from interaction with the external environment. The more sheltered the entity, the longer the coherent state can be retained. Hence the yogi inside the cave.

Meditation prolongs longevity of these microscopic quantum coherent states. Which is why meditators get access to all sorts of profound data without ever having to read a single book on a subject. This is how ancient yogis were able to discover the chakra systems and map the states of consciousness, giving rise to a plethora of spiritual practices still in use today.

“You become aware of a connection that’s always been there.”

Besides finding the unity within oneself, an advanced state as this also allows for an experience of unity with the entire Universe. “You meld your own microscopic coherent superposition with the non-local field that permeates the entire Universe instantaneously and simultaneously,” Brown describes. “You become aware of a connection that’s always been there.”

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He calls it a superposition experience of oneness with all of creation, a moment of complete resonance and unity. It’s a way to tune your body to a system that’s much more coherent and organized than our own, catalyzing deep levels of healing and sparking insights that extend beyond the capacity of purely human domains.

“These states will greatly increase your ability to coherently order the DNA and how well that DNA will be remodeled to further increase these states,” he adds.

The Feedback Loop and Law of Attraction

I don’t think there is a more comprehensive way to explain how the law of attraction works. What most proponents of this law hardly ever mention, is that the process involves a communication dynamic between two domains: the inner and outer.

What this means is that sitting in a lotus positon and thinking of a Lamborghini will not make the car magically appear in a driveway. This is because despite what might be a very concentrated way of transmitting a desire, it needs to also resonate with the outer world of collective reality, or in other words, the field.

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The field as a whole is a collective domain that includes the desires of countless others. This is why often just thinking of something is not enough; an action needs to be taken in order to overcome the resistance of the Universe that prefers to maintain a certain equilibrium, the equivalent of our body’s homeostasis.

This is also often why a team can accomplish things faster than a single individual. A stream of desires creates a trend, a current in the Universe that has an increased momentum.

Therefore, if you’ve been trying to manifest a certain outcome or are baffled at how you’ve managed to create a state of disease in your life, don’t act rashly and blame yourself. There are larger forces at play. Yes, our thoughts do influence reality, and they make an impact on how our DNA will express itself. But we must not forget the likewise powerful influence of the collective field.

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To explore some of the subjects deeper, check out my guest post on mindfulness and recent podcast on authenticity.

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