Dangers of Inception: How Bad Ideas Destroy Lives and How to Avoid Falling Into the Trap

When I graduated college with a degree in mass communications, I threw my television out. True, in the age of internet, it doesn’t even matter. Call it my act of defiance. But what I learned about mainstream television is quickly becoming a reality made up of talking heads and spin doctors.

What’s scary, majority of people obtain their news from the mainstream channels, owned by six mega corporations. A fourth grader could predict that this spells near monopoly on information. What’s even scarier is that apparently Facebook’s being accused of creating an ‘information bubble’ that swayed the elections. Seriously? Now we use Facebook to inform ourselves? I guess it makes sense in an age of convenience and never enough time.

Regardless the outcome, this is a critical concept to consider. We are living in an age of big data, where so much content is generated, it uses machines to sift through the piles to give you what you’ve expressed preference to via a series of ‘likes.’

Unless you are vigilant about making sure you get a balance of news from a variety of sources, from domestic to international, paper to digital, you are likely existing in such a self-created bubble. I know I am. And I don’t like it, because it’s not balanced.

Regardless of your diligence, the problem that arises is information overwhelm. This creates a ground ripe for manipulation and spin. When people are confused and don’t know what to believe any longer, they follow the closest and fiercest ‘father figure.’ This is dangerous as it has a force to pull you into a funnel of beliefs that are not even yours.

Remember the movie Inception? The core message of that movie was that ideas are lethal. It’s because of ideas that characters in the story either lose their minds or lives.

My message to you in this post is: in the coming weeks when the media will resemble a gladiator spectacle, hold steady. Journal. Reflect. Talk to your family and friends. Gather over meals. Be grateful. Reach out. And listen inside to what your intuition tells you. Is what you are being exposed to in any way off? If so, don’t follow. Trust yourself and focus on what’s right.

Thank you for reading. This is by no means complete research or exhaustive list of solutions. But it’s a start. www.ewazwonarz.com

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