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Fast Fitness for the Furious Folk

It is the week of RSA in SF and I did not bring my jogging shoes. Packed with meetings, people, events and parties, time seems to move at a different speed here. The usually way of prioritizing things, tends to slide and new sets of precedences take center stage. Times such as these are when our willpowers are put to the test.

In light of the busyness all around, I wanted to share a quick post with you about how you don’t have to sacrifice your form and fitness when moving at a furious pace. What do I do when everything around me seems to shout: you have too much to do and there is not enough time to workout!? Well, I do hear this voiceless voice, but I know that if I pay it any mind, my time here will be heavily compromised. Here is why.

Discipline pays off in dividends, it’s benefits accruing in a cumulative fashion. It’s the same with any healthy, constructive routines. If you eat well, keep calm and exert yourself physically on a regular basis, you are less likely to become unwell, and even sick, which is where the real time and money drain is at. This isolated situation of me being here at the conference is no different.

If I don’t move, within a day or likely even sooner, I will experience the effects of being overfed, over caffeinated, overtired, overstressed and overwhelmed in general. My focus will suffer, I will get even more tired and body will start to ache and soon mind will follow suit. You see, working out is a lot like emptying a cup, which is why there is an ‘out’ in the expression. And since in a way we are an energy vessel, if you look at the way our bodies are built, there is a real and clear danger of us getting out of balance when too much energy accrues. That energy needs to go somewhere. And if it doesn’t it will have to get stored. The way excess energy is stores is as subcutaneous fat, often encapsulated with water (water neutralized toxins, which is why we are often waterlogged after a night our drinking).

Cutting to the chase here, the more busy and stressed you are, the more you actually need to work out. When you do bust it out and let yourself leave sweat puddles on the ground, you will invite fresh oxygen and energy to enter in and clear away the old. In a state like this, the mind works better. When the mind works better, you feel more spacious. A spacious mind is much quicker at problem solving, containing, synthesizing and analyzing ideas.

I did not pack my jogging shoes. But that’s not an excuse, because I won’t even need them. Below is a simple workout you can do barefoot on the floor. Enjoy, my friends wherever you are, and keep the energy humming. It’ll benefit everyone, but most importantly, it’s your gift for YOU!

Repeat 4x with 1–2 minute rest in between sets:

1o Arm circles (both directions)

10 Burpees (if you are a beginner, skip the pushup and jumping)

10 Slow deep squats (make sure knees are aligned with ankles)

10 Pushups (elevated arms for beginners, regular for others, elevated feet for pros!)

10 Plank obliques (ten on each side, that is!)

Just to illustrate to you how easy it actually is to squeeze such a workout into your day, I did this workout in between writing this blog, which is what I did while resting between sets. Still, I understand that it can be challenging to initially get into a regular workout cadence, until it becomes a part of your daily life. However, I encourage you, even if you’ve had the longest break, do start again. Past is past. It ’s what you do today that really counts.

Have a great one!


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