Good article! But you forget to mention that all the main players are all in bed with each other. Nor that all this does not occur spontaneously — only seemingly so, to fool the masses. The sequence of events has been planned and carefully orchestrated over long period of time. We must also not forget that this time things could be quite different, gravely so. All cyber communications are monitored, people drugged out of their minds, and all the rage, rather than being directed at those pulling the strings, is about Pokemon Go. See the big picture yet? A big player in the currently steaming brew is the merging of reality with VR. And video games. And drones. Oh, and we must not ignore the law of attraction that set the stage on the spiritual plane (yes, it’s you who are creating all this!) and the rapidly growing popularity of solipsism among the millennials. And the anticipation of the apocalypse among the faithful. And the next economic bubble burst… And the melting of the poles… Yah, it’s going to be quite the ride.

Self-development tools for self-healing and authentic relating. #coach #writer

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