How to Cultivate Healthy Self-Regard

Soul GPS
4 min readAug 27, 2018

Many people I work with struggle with developing healthy self-regard because they don’t want to be like the narcissist in their lives.

Let me tell you something. Having self-respect is very different from the over-inflated self-importance and exploitative grandiosity of a narcissist.

In fact, as an empath who has a pattern of getting into abusive, manipulative relationships, it is something you need to develop like your life depends on it. Because it probably does.

This is why, in the process of purging your body, mind and soul from the negative influences of abusive and manipulative people, it is crucial that you keep your sights on your bright future and keep working on yourself.

Shortly after coming out of a toxic relationship, you feel devastated. A betrayal like this is highly destabilizing and painful. It makes us doubt the past, the person we thought we knew, and yourself.

But you can use the experience as a golden lesson and turn it all round!

This is why I recorded my newest video on the topic (link below). I want to invite you to start developing healthy self-regard.

Here for you, are the 10 traits of a person who displays healthy self-regard:

  1. You know what you want/need and how to ask for it



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