Held Back by Excuses | Part I: Health

Have ever dreamt of doing something — where the flash of a vision would inflate your lungs with starlight as your toes curled under as if trying to hold on to the current rippling through your body — only to never get to executing on your vision because you thought you didn’t have what it takes?

As an aspiring author of eleven books (one down, yeah!), over the years I’ve been immersing myself in books on optimization. As time went by becoming more scarce, it also became clear that if I seriously want to do all the things that constitute my dream list, I better mobilize an arsenal of tools that will help me get there.

The content of the next few entries I plan to write, has been brewing in my mind for some time. It is the result of years of reading about what other people did to optimize their lives, and experimenting on myself to find what works. I hope that the information I share here will help you take your own attitude, skills and faith in your abilities to another level.

Let’s begin. First, the obstacles…

A cool book that popped in my hands recently (thanks, sis!) is David Schwartz’s classic “The Magic of Thinking Big.” Below is a breakdown of four gems I found in Chapter Two. This chapter is a book in and of itself. It addresses the subject of most common excuses that hold people back from taking action towards accomplishing their goals.

But since they are made of mind-stuff, and therefore are only make-believe, we can change them with a shift in our attitude. Here are the big four:

  1. I’m not healthy enough
  2. I’m not smart enough.
  3. I’m too young/too old.
  4. I have no luck.

I will address each one in a separate entry, beginning with the first one here.

I am not healthy enough.

Apparently, it is a very frequent one.

“Millions and millions of people suffer from health excusitis. But is it, in most cases, a legitimate excuse? Think for a moment of all the highly successful people you know who could — but who don’t — use health as an excuse.

My physician and surgeon friend tell me the perfect specimen of adult life is nonexistent. There is something physically wrong with everybody. Many surrender in whole or in part to health excusitis, but success-thinking people do not.”

There it is in a nutshell. Do you find yourself wining, complaining or tossing your discipline into a corner because you feel you lack the energy, physiology or dexterity of someone you imagined as a “perfect specimen?” Well, perfection doesn’t exist. But your dreams are real. They are real because you can see them and feel them. However, they will be never made into reality until you set the excuses aside and get to work.

Someone once said, everything is done twice — once in your mind and once in reality. Well, if you have a dream, you are already half way there.

Here is to your success!

PS. While thankfully this excuse hasn’t been much of a hindrance in my own life, it has reared its head on occasion, stealing away hours of what could’ve been a very productive stretch of work. What I found to be astounding was that each time I’d push myself past my perceived limits, my energy and sense of well being would soar! Talk about breaking through to the other side, haha.


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