Hi Dear! Thanks for your heartfelt reply. If I were you, I would dedicate no more than one hour to ruminating about the past and do so in your journal. Write it all out with your hand, it helps to unwind the traumas and externelize them on paper. I’d spend a large chunk on my time on self-care practices, where you focus on enhancing your health and wellbeing and making YOU feel better. Finally, you absolutely need to go out and enjoy yourself by spending time with your friends and visiting new places. It helps with the neurological healing by building new neuro pathways in your brain. Maybe even sign up for a class or an experience that will introduce you to new people. By giving so much of your time to the past, you are feeding the vampire in your life. Don’t do this. Healing will surely come, but you have to actively create it. Make a decision right now to end this chapter. To wait for things to get better, you will wait a long time. The moment you commit to yourself and take new action, everything begins to change and the Universe starts to support you. The future is bright. Go get it! ❤

Self-development tools for self-healing and authentic relating. #coach #writer mysoulgps.org

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