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Sahara, October 16, 2016. En route to the site where the original Star Wars was filmed.

Honing Your Intuition Whilst Going Through Changes

My last few weeks have been a whirlwind of activity. Many changes are afoot and it feels like I’ve been walking through a bridge leading to the great unknown. It is very exciting but it can also be unnerving. One thing that keeps coming up during these days of wonder is: trusting my intuition. In fact, it is thanks to me paying attention, that I’m able to continue on this journey, learn from my experiences and actually enjoy the process.

Many of us over years of experiences have put our intuition to the test. Some of us have just about abandoned it all together. Why? The funky feeling in our gut can be the last thing we want to pay attention to. It can mean that we need to make that one-eighty turn and that just feels daunting. Life is complicated as it is and catching ourselves in the midst of a busy life only to realize we’ve been doing things wrong or engaging in something that’s not particularly good for us, is a lesson in humility.

But changes don’t have to be bad. Or that difficult. Especially when they are for the better. Often, it is the idea that we need to pause to take an inventory and change course is scarier than actually making the shift. You see, I believe that you already know what’s good for you. You’ve just been disconnected from that intuitive feeling. A life that is nurturing, pleasant and calm, should feel pleasant and calm in your stomach. If it’s anything but, maybe it’s time to take a closer look at what’s happening?

Here are a few lessons life’s served up for me in the recent weeks, and how I choose to handle them.

Alone time.

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Meet Moustafa, the baby racing camel.

Do something new, or do the same thing differently.

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City of Kairouan, Tunisia.

Let your mind be blown.

I hope I didn’t go off on too many things in this post. If you get one thing from it, may it be this: learn to trust your feelings. Check in with yourself often and don’t be afraid to make changes in your life, if your gut is nudging you to do it. It will save you time, and it can even save your life.

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