Jared Leto

Is Long Hair for Guys In Again?

Jared Leto, Alexander Ferrario, Harry Styles… are they bringing the long sexy back?

The pic below is from the site of a new yoga outfit collection brand. A yoga brand that adores puppies! Something’s stirring for sure….

The puppy model

One thing about long hair is that it is a pain growing it. So I heard. The guy must go through that awful phase of having his hair neither long nor short. It gets in the eyes, looses all form and is quite untamable. Though there are ways to make it look pretty awesome, such as this:

Marcus Schenkenberg making the long-short work

I’m an 80s baby, the era when Fabio and Marcus Schenkenberg were all the rage. As a teen I played bass in a rock band as the sole female, though is you saw is from the back, you couldn’t tell. Our hair was almost to our waists. We followed Dave Mustaine and Anathema.

I always felt that long hair on a guy were sexy, adding an air of mystique and softness, especially when accompanied by dark, heavy music. No one embodied the tragic romantic more than the legendary Peter Steele of Type O Negative.

Peter Steele

The combination of a fierce or sad face with displays of bare-chested masculinity is perfectly complemented by the mane, giving it an air of femininity. It’s a bit Goethesque — poetic with an air of tragedy and disarming in its charm. Great for girls who like to rescue their men from their inner dark predicament.

Maybe this is why most of my male characters in the stories I’ve published and not yet published have long hair? They are strong and sensitive. Dark, but they glow. They know who they are but also, are just a little lost.


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