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Do you ever find yourself literally downing in to-do lists and all sorts of data? Yeah, me too. Sometimes I feel as if my mind is becoming the Internet, burgeoning with content. Lately more often than I’d prefer. And today is Saturday, a day of rest it should be… yeah right!

Well, let me shed some light on this issue: it’s not so much the ‘stuff’ that haunts and overwhelms us so. It’s the thought representation and it’s subsequent, sequential, regurgitative repetition.

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What the heck does that mean? We are not as much drowning in the tangibles as the intangibles — the thought stuff, the endless things we think about, over and over and over…

So, in an effort to shake things up a bit, let me propose that the time it would’ve taken you to read the rest of this unwritten post, say 5 minutes, you take instead to go sit somewhere comfortable and count your breaths.

It is time to take control of our minds and own it.

I promise you, if you give it all of your attention, in the next five minutes, rather than adding more content into your mind, take some of it out, prune it.

What I’m proposing is the idea of actively trimming your mind content.

You do so by going beyond it, to the space between the thoughts, to the cadence of the rising and falling of your breath.

There is so much that could be said on the subject, but that would simply defeat the purpose of it, wouldn’t it?

So, let’s do it. Let’s go count our breaths. Please do not delay, do not put this off. There is no better time than now. It is only five minutes and I swear it will be worth it.

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See you on the other side.

Please come back and share your experience.

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